GVM 480LS & 520S Bi-Color LED Light Kits Review By Allied Productions

Nate, from Youtube Channel Allied Productions, recently uploaded this quick rundown of our GVM 480LS and 520S Lighting Kits!

Our 480LS has a variable bi-color range from 2300K-6800K giving you more options to help your photography/videography needs. With the CRI & TLCI 97+, it can restore the true colors of objects and make the image more vivid. The 520S can be used wirelessly to control multiple LED video lights at once. That means you can set up twelve different plans for all your lights and change them between these channels.

Click the images below for more information on both our GVM 480LS & 520S LED Bi-Color LED Lights!

GVM 520S LED Video Light  GVM 480LS Bi-Color Led Light



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