Youtube user, How To And Reviews uploaded this review on two of our lights - the 480LS and 672S. He goes over the differences of both lights and even takes a look at their light intensities.

The 480LS has a new color temperature of 2300K to 6800K and a new digital display screen! The high lumen outputs are: 

2300K: 4800/Lux/20inch
4500K: 15000/Lux/20inch
6800K: 11000/Lux/20inch

GVM 480LS LED Video Light

The 672S has a bi-color range from 3200k-5600K and will satisfy all your needs for photography/videography lighting. This light has an internal structure that is specifically designed to match the shape of the video light, preventing the video light from getting damaged.

GVM 672S LED Video Light

Click the image below for more information on our GVM 480LS and 672S LED Video Lights! 

GVM 672S LED Video Light GVM 480LS LED Video Light



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