GVM BP-U65 5600mAh Battery with Charger for Sony PMW / PXW Series Cameras

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GVM BP-U65 5600mAh Battery with Charger for Sony PMW / PXW Series Cameras

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    The GVM BP-U65 Dual Charger with one Lithium-Ion Battery set is designed to provide all you need to power Sony PMW or PXW series cameras that accept Sony BP-U-type batteries. The 100-240V dual charger features two BP-U65 battery plates and an LCD display which shows battery charging status. The charger provides 1.5A when a single battery is in the charger and provides 1A to each battery when both are charging simultaneously. The charger has a pre-charging feature which helps to extend your battery's life. The charger also features a USB output that provides a 5V, 2100mA charge to a smartphone or small device while the charger is plugged into an AC source. The batteries feature a D-Tap output which can be used to charge video accessories or a camera and to charge the battery, and a 5V USB port is provided for charging smartphones or on-set mobile devices. Battery capacity can be quickly checked via the 4-segment LED meter. The batteries have no memory effect and are fully decoded so they can be fully charged with accurate power metering.


    1. GVM Battery Ultra-high Capacity. Use high-quality Cells for longer battery life with no Memory Effect.
    2. LED Dual Fast Charger, wide range compatibility, it can charge for batteries with 6.8V-16.8V of any capacity. Control MCU can automatically identify the voltage of the battery, going intelligent charge when being charging, and prevent overcharge.
    3. Intelligent Dual Fast charger LCD displays charging status, battery capacity, it can charge two batteries at the same time, change different plate, suitable for most of the digital batteries.
    4. Charging type is CC/CV with good reliability and high efficiency, with the function of pre-charging and li-ion battery 0V activation which can effectively extend battery life.
    5. GVM rechargeable Li-ion USB Battery Pack, replacement battery for Sony BP-U30, BP-U60, BP-U65, BP-U66, BP-U68, BP-U90, BP-U96 battery, With a USB output port design, it works as a power bank for your smartphone and other USB devices, with D-TAP charger port, it is convenient for using.


    1. Compatible with battery models:
    Sony BP-U90, BP-U96
    Sony BP-U60, BP-U66, BP-U65, BP-U68
    Sony BP-U30
    2. Compatible with Sony camera models:
    Sony PXW-FS5 PXW-FS5M2
    Sony PXW-FS7
    Sony PXW-X180
    Sony PMW-100
    Sony PMW-150
    Sony PMW-150P
    Sony PMW-160
    Sony PMW-200
    Sony PMW-300
    Sony PMW-EX1
    Sony PMW-EX1R
    Sony PMW-EX3
    Sony PMW-EX3R
    Sony PMW-EX160
    Sony PMW-EX260
    Sony PMW-EX280
    Sony PMW-F3
    Sony PMW-F3K
    Sony PMW-F3L
    Sony XDCAM EX
    Sony HD422



    LCD Charger


    AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1500mA(Max)
    DC12-24V 3000mA(Min)

    Output Voltage

    DC8.4V / 12.6V / 16.8V

    Output Current

    L:1000mA*1 500mA*2   H:1500mA*1 800mA*2

    USB Output

    5V / 2100mA

    Size 5*4.35*1.5inch



    BP-U65 Battery

    Output Voltage

    14.4V 5600mAh/80.6Wh

    USB Output 5V / 1000mAh
    D-TAP Input 14.4V 30W(Max)



    Package Weight


    Package Size



    Packing lists

    GVM BP-U65 5600mAh Battery with Charger for Sony PMW / PXW Series Cameras

    1 x Replacement BP-U65 Battery
    1 x LCD Dual Fast Charger
    1 x US Power Cord
    1 x Car Adapter
    1 x LCD Charger User Manual

    Downloads: GVM BP-U65 Product Manual