GVM GT-80WD Wireless Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (31") with Bluetooth Remote

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GVM GT-80WD Wireless Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (31") with Bluetooth Remote

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    (1) This is a wireless motorized slider, you can use the included Bluetooth remote control or downloadable application for remote programming and control. The motorized slider track is driven by carbon fiber track and belt. The Bluetooth controller allows you to control and program the slider for various movements. The system supports real-time video shooting and time-lapse shooting, with multiple key frame positions for each movement. PTZ has a built-in bubble level, so you can check if the camera is level. The built-in independently adjustable feet allow you to adjust the position and level of the slider.

    (2) Ultra silent step motor driving technology, you will get the precise positioning with accurate shots. The electric camera slider is working with whispered sound, provides you a silent photography environment.

    (3) Come with wireless motorized Bluetooth Controller that provides you the latest operating experience and high professional time-lapse video shooting compared to regular Wired controller slider.

    (4) The motorized camera slider features high precision carbon fiber and aluminum alloy which rail system that is sturdy, yet lightweight. It also features a mountable screw-thread (3/8 and 1/4) at the bottom of the unit. Can be Used on Tabletop, tripod or light stand.

    (5) The slider can support the running of a single battery and you can charge the battery without interrupting the running of the slide track. The battery could last for almost 10 hours under the shooting modes of time-lapse.

    Key Features

    (1) Wireless Bluetooth Controller Programmable Motorized Slider

    (2) Robust 32" Portable Carbon Fiber Rails

    (3) Bearing Weight Supports up to 5.5 Pounds





    35.83* 7.87* 10.94 inches




    Carbon Fiber

    Package Size

    35.83* 11.81* 5.91 inches

    Package Weight


    Package Lists

    1 x GVM GT-80WD Motorized Camera Slider 

    1 x Wireless Controller & Charger 

    2 x Battery & 1 x Battery Charger 

    1 x Shutter Cable & Extension Cable

    1 x Carrying Bag

    Downloads:GVM-GT-80WD Camera Slider User Manual