GVM GT-J120D Professional Video Aluminum Alloy Motorized Camera Slider (48”)

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GVM GT-J120D Professional Video Aluminum Alloy Motorized Camera Slider (48”)

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    (1) Motorized Shooting Lens

    The adjustable motor of the GT-J120D allows you to set the speed of the slider for smooth and silent sliding of the video. By setting the motor to slide back and forth automatically or once, you can save time with a surveillance camera or manually sliding the camera.

    The slider supports parallax tracking or 120-degree panoramic shooting.

    () Time-lapse Shooting

    The GT-J120D motorized video slider supports time-lapse shooting and moves at preset intervals set by the user. You can set the slip speed, slip interval, stop time, photo number and auto cycle.

    (3) Adjustable Stepping Motor

    The newly developed silent motor allows you to adjust the motor's torque (1% -100%), which is perfect for interviews and easy for post-production.

    Key Features

    (1) Multifunctional electric slider: automatic loop (freely set sliding distance) video capture (silent motor, suitable for interviews) delayed shooting (choose 1-1000) supports automatic and manual.

    (2) Motorized slider is easy to operate: the motorized slider can be set to parallax or 120 degree wide lens.

    (3) Smooth and stable: the aluminum alloy material can produce smooth sliding and durable, and can bear 30 pounds.

    (4) The slider is compatible with Canon, Sony, Nikon, Pentax, GoPro, Fuji, Panasonic, Leica, Olympus, Samsung, etc.

    (5) Multi-angle: There are multiple 1/4 and 3/8 screw ports on the bottom, which can be used to mount the slider on multiple angles of the tripod.


    Product Features

    Electric Mode


    48 inches

    Supply Current

    4W / 400MA

    Sliding Time

    Fastest 18 seconds, Slowest 202 seconds (video mode)

    Sliding Speed

    Fastest 1.6 S / Min, Lowest 0.77 S / Min (video mode speed)

    Slider Length

    46 inches

    Slider Weight

    6.6 Pounds


    11 Pounds (Horizontal)


    Packing Lists

    1* Electric Slider

    1* Controller

    1* Battery

    1* Battery Charger

    1* Controller Cable

    6* Shutter Link

    1* Shutter Extension Cable

    1* Tote