GVM LS-P80S Daylight LED Light Kit with Umbrella

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GVM LS-P80S Daylight LED Light Kit with Umbrella

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    The GVM P80S  80W Fresnel Light with Softbox/Umbrella is an ideal choice for photography, interviews and live streams that require light colors with optimal precision, accuracy, and flicker-free output. The GVM-P80S is made of a high brightness COB LED beads which with high color rendering performance of over 97 CRI value and high brightness to help you restore true colors. It features a stepless rear dimming dial for adjusting the light output from 0 to 99%. Those lights come with infinitely variable control of brightness and also comes with a special light angle control function. The stable system, easy power supply, and a 180°rotating U-bracket improve your light setting experience. Built with aluminum alloy, the light also has an intelligent cooling fan, equipped the industry Bowens mount for different lampshades or softbox, etc. U-bracket supports 180°rotation to meet your different lighting angles.

    Excellent Output : High quality COB Led bead, 80W, CRI: 97+ TLCI: 97+, provides high brightness and stable light source output. Closest to natural light, exceptional for professional photography and video shooting.

    Focusable Lighting Range
    Unique design knob for focus and diffusion function adjustment. Better to provide different photographic lighting ranges request.
    U-bracket supports 360°rotation improves light control to meet more your different lighting angles requests.

    Fresnel Lens & Bowens Mount
    Professional Fresnel Lens, make the lighting sources softer, perfect for shooting profile and long-distance shooting and suitable for video studio shoot lighting.
    The universal Bowens mount is flexible for mounting different types of lampshades, softboxes, umbrellas, and other accessories.

    Brightness Dimmable
    Brightness dimmable. brightness from 0% to 99% daylight color temperature 5600k .

    Intelligent Cooling System
    Equipped with a built-in electronic fan cooling system, quiet and powerful.
    Effectively improve heat dissipation in complex shooting environments, to better protect the COB lamp beads to extend the life of the light.



    Product Name

    GVM P80S-2 80W Fresnel Light with Softbox


    ABS Plastic + Aluminum alloy

    LED Beads 

    COB daylight





    Beam Angle


    Color Temperature



    3100lux @ 1m,12000lux @ 0.5m (Bare Light)

    9600lux @ 1m, 51000lux @ 0.5m



    Input Voltage




    Power Source

    Power Adapter

    AC Adapter

    DC 30V/ 3A


    Package List

    GVM P80S-1 80W Fresnel Light with Umbrella

    1 x GVM P80S Fresnel Light
    1 x Lamp-Chimney
    1 x Umbrella
    1 x Light Stand
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Power Cable
    1 x Package Box

    GVM P80S-2 80W Fresnel Light with Softbox

    1 x GVM P80S Fresnel Light
    1 x Softbox
    1 x Light Stand
    1 x Power Adapter
    1 x Power Cable
    1 x Package Box

    GVM P80S 80W Fresnel Light - 4 Light Kit with umbrella, softbox, backdrop and background support

    4 x GVM P80S Fresnel Light
    2 x Lamp-Chimney
    2 x Softbox
    2 x Umbrella
    4 x Light Stand
    4 x Power Adapter
    4 x Power Cable
    3 x Backdrop
    1 x Background Support Kit
    1 x Package Box


    Downloads:GVM-P80S Product Manual