GVM LED Bi-Color Soft Video Light Panel Kit with 2 Stands

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GVM LED Bi-Color Soft Video Light Panel Kit with 2 Stands

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    The LED Bi-Color Soft Video Panel Light YR200D from GVM is a new type of dual-color temperature video lamp with a diameter of 300mm. This LED Video Light has a LCD screen and a stable operating system. It supports 180° rotation and equipped with 624 pieces high-quality, dual-color temperature lamp beads with a display index of 97 or more. The power is up to 50W. The light shell is made of high-quality plastic, the back has efficient heat dissipation holes, and the front is equipped with a bright acrylic lampshade to make the light softer. It can be powered by two independent NP series lithium batteries or a DC15V/4A power adapter.
    Morever, when in Master and Rotate modes, by adjusting the rotary button, you can adjust the brightness steplessly from 0% to 100% and the dual-color temperature from 3200K to 5600K. With APP intelligent control system, in APP mode, when using Bluetooth to connect to APP, you can control CCT mode through your smart mobile device, adjust brightness 0%~100% and dual-color temperature 3200K~5600K, which you can effectively control the light. And also you can store your own scene effects mode in the APP. At the same time, it supports multi-machine joint control mode to provide more solutions for your choice of output.
    The LED Soft Panel Light is also equipped with two different stands, one is suitable for installation on the desktop, another is suitable for placement on the ground, which is suitable for various live broadcasts, outdoor scene shooting, etc. You can choose the match that suits you according to different environments.


    Main Features
    (1) Multifunctional LCD Display Screen
    The multi-functional LCD display screen can display color temperature, brightness, and various modes, allowing you to use the lamps more intuitively and clearly.
    (2) Multiple Operation Modes
    Switch mode key, you can adjust Master, Slave, Rotate, APP modes, in Master and Rotate mode, you can adjust the color temperature 3200K~5600K, brightness 0%-100%.
    (3) APP Connection Bluetooth to Control Light
    By switching the video light to APP mode, then use mobile phone Bluetooth to connect APP, you can enter CCT mode to control dual color temperature, adjust the brightness and color temperature.
    (4) Online Control Mode
    Prepare two or more video lights, set one to master mode, and the others to slave mode, and set all lights to the same channel, so that you can control them in brightness and color temperature through the master light. You also can switch the master light to APP mode, connect to the master light with APP, and control the brightness and color temperature of the slave lights through APP.


    Product Model


    Product Material


    Product Type

    Photography Fill Light

    Product Name Photography LED Video Light
    Features APP, Joint Control, High Color Rendering Index LED Lamp Beads
    Color Rendering Index ≥97
    Color Temperature 3200K~5600K
    Brightness 4500lux/0.5m, 1500lux/1m
    Light Adjustment Method Stepless Adjustment
    Lamp Beads Quantity 624
    Light Angle of Lamp Bead 120°
    Power 50W
    Product Weight 1.45KG
    Product Size(mm) D300*53mm
    Cooling Natural Heat Dissipation
    Voltage DC15V
    Power Supply DC15V/4A
    Power Supply Mode DC & Battery (Lithium Battery*2 (Need to buy)
    Package Weight 3.9KG
    Package Size(mm) 640*440*120

    Packing lists

    GVM LED Bi-Color Soft Video Light Panel Kit with 2 Stands

    1 x GVM-YR200D LED Bi-Color Video Panel Light
    1 x Power Supply Adapter
    1 x Power Cable
    2 x Light Stand
    1 x User Manual

    Downloads: GVM-YR200D-SET4 Product Manual